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    Enhanced vMotion compatibility

    3dsachin Novice

      Hi Everyone


      We have just setup a 4 node 6.7U1 ESXi cluster which is managed by VCSA 6.7. Now, to support DCDR I am setting up another 4 Node cluster which is also going to be managed from the same vCenter server.My query is;


      A) Each ESXi node is a DELL PE R740 with Intel(R) Xeon(R) Gold 5115 CPU @ 2.40GHz. If we enable EVC mode what is the suitable mode?


      B) Both the clusters have network connectivity between each other and also have their own computer resources (Storage etc). I would like both clusters to be independent and interdependent (DCDR). I've read somewhere that it is possible to vMotion VM's between the two clusters if EVC is enabled. Is this correct?