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    Could not validate NIC settings - Corrupted Horizon Pools

    LukaszDziwisz Enthusiast

      Hello Everyone,


      I hope that someone might have so experience with the following error:  " Could not validate NIC settings. Desktop edit failed".  I'm seeing that error whenever I need t change any provisioning settings on our pools. Not all pools are affected but pretty much 75% of them. We are only using Instant Clone pools. I opened a Support Request with vmware and was told that there is corrutpion in ADAM database and Vmware cannot do anything as it is a microsoft product. To fix the problem I need to delete the pool and recreate it. I understand that deleting and recreating pool is not a big deal however it appears to be happening more and more. At first it was only affecting 2 pools and now it is 7 pools out of 10. I have recreated 2 pools so far and will test if I can change settings later. So far it looks good. We are using Horizon 7.8 and vcenter 6.7 U3.


      I'm hoping that maybe someone had a problem like this and might have a solution to that. Thank you in advance