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    Horizon refuses to connect

    edevon Lurker

      Hi, newbie here.  I've installed Horizon 4.10 on my CentOS 7 PC, and I can successfully authenticate with my employer's remote setup.  But when I try to open a session, it exits after about one second.  (The first time I connected, I did get a blue screen saying that things were being set up, but this exited after some 10s of seconds.  On all subsequent attempts, the blue screen just flashes up and disappears.)  No error message is displayed.


      I have found a collection of log files in /tmp/vmware-ed.  Of these, one whose name begins vmware-mks looks relevant.  It contains repeated entries of:


      SSLCheckLockingCallback: locking callback overwritten! Expected 56040DE2A660, saw 7FD0D020A280


      Then it has entries of:


      E105: PANIC: Loop on signal 4.


      E105: PANIC: Unexpected signal: 4.

      E105: Panic loop


      ...accompanied by lots of stack trace data. 


      I have also tried this from Debian 10, with the same result.


      Any idea how I can start to diagnose this?