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    Custom Ready Node vSAN (Supermicro HY-6: 2UTwin²Pro)

    andiag1406 Lurker

      Hi Everyone,

      I'm a Presales Engineer for Supermicro Partner in my country, I'm nuwbie about vmware (espicially on vSAN Product),

      I have some basics questions:


      I've potential customer who want to deploy vSAN for CLoud Provider Infrastructure. I want to give a recommendation SuperMicro vSAN Ready Node Supermicro HY-6: 2UTwin²Pro (2029TP-HC0R ( 4nodes in 2U form)), with some of Spec detail :

      - 8x CPU Intel 6230 20cores 2.1GHz (2CPU per Node)

      - 48x 32Gb DDR4 2666 (12dimm x 32GB per Node)

      - 4 SSD 480GB SATA (1SSD per Node)

      - 16 2.0TB SAS HDD 2.5" (4HDD per Node)

      - 4x SMC 3008 for Storage Controller (1x per Node)


      The Question, can 1 custom this basic Spec of Ready Nodes with detail of Question :

      1. Can i downgrade for every CPU from INtel 6230 to Intel Silver 4210 or 4214 ?

      2. Can I downgrade Memory Quantity from 48 x 32GB (12 x 32GB per Node) to 12 x 32GB (4 x 32GB per Node) ?

      3. Can I upgrade the SSD Capacity for every SSD from 480GB to 960GB ?

      4. Can I Add 1 Disk for every Node, as info the Node Server basicly has 6x 2.5" SAS/SATA Drive Bays ( I expect 5 drive bays already used for 1x DIsk for Cache tier and 4x for Capacity Tier and 1 slot remaining) ?


      Thanks and really hope for advice from the masters