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    Error when running 'Scan for Updates...' in VUM 6.5

    aj800 Novice

      I ran the VCSA VUM (6.5) and got the following error:


      Scan Entity: "There are errors during the scan operation.  Check the events and log files for details."


      I checked the logs in the CLI and saw the following when grep ing for 'error':


      [2019-09-06 20:36:41:000 'VciScanTask.ScanTask{60}' 139866374936320 INFO]  [vciTaskBase, 1362] VciTask { id: ScanTask{60}, type: com.vmware.vcIntegrity.ScanTask }: Setting VC task state to: error



      That seemed to be the only 'error' in the logs at that time (about one second off the time displayed in the Recent Tasks pane), but it's not very elaborate to be able to resolve the issue.  How can I fix this?


      I'm getting the same in my Production environment but no changes have been made to our network since we migrated to the VCSA in both.  I've used the VUM previously to upgrade in both.  We did upgrade the VCSA using the VAMI, recently, but that's about all I can think of that might impact this.  Any help is appreciated.  Thanks in advance.


      EDIT:  I just noticed this occurs only when the Virtual Appliance option is the only item checked.  It seems to work other wise, as far as I can tell.