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    vSphere Availability not Working

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      Good Afternoon,


          I am attempting to get HA working on a two host cluster.  Hardware is brand new (Dell PER440 and ME4012).  Hosts are directly connected to the SAN and both can see the datastore.  We have vSphere Essentials Plus setup and I spun up a test VM with Windows Server 2016.  vMotion works without issue between the hosts.  But the issue occurs when I try and do a failover test.  Right now I have both hosts setup in a cluster and vcenter is setup on a standalone esxi server outside of the cluster.  When I first setup it up, with only host failure response configured it worked...sort of.  To test i yanked the power cables out of host 1 and after a minute or two it did the failover, the only issue was that for some reason it didn't reconnect the network adapter in the host OS, in order to get it to work I had to manually change it from one port group to another on the same host and it connected, was weird.  After that test though it has never worked again, every single time i do any kind of test it always fails with the same generic alarm trigger "vSphere HA Virtual Machine Failover Failed".  I should note that i turned on "Response for Host Isolation" to make it easier to test instead of waiting 5 or 10 minutes for the host to boot back up again.  But I have tried yanking the power cables, pushing the power button until the host turns off, and unplugging the management network cable.  All of them seem to trigger a failover like they are supposed to, but as soon as it tries to do the failover it gives the aforementioned error.  That error is of course completely useless and lists no detailed information, I've lost track of how many forum posts and technical guides/articles I've read trying to figure this out.  I feel like if I could get a look at the log file it would tell me more, but I can't find a log file for vsphere availability anywhere.  None of the folder structure in the articles i've read match what are on my vcenter appliance, seems like perhaps vmware change something in 6.7 and their guides haven't been updated....


      ESXI Version: 6.7.0, 8169922

      Vcenter Version:


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.