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    Remove old vCenter from licensed assets

    vmsysadmin201110141 Novice

      Hi all,


      I had to reinstall a vCenter (6.7 U3 with embedded PSC) that was in ELM mode. Now when I go to licensed assets, I have two vCenters with the same name. Any clues on how to remove the old decommissioned vCenter from licensed assets? Thanks!

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          Amin Masoudifard Expert

          You can remove it from vCenter Server database anyway, you need to know how to remove it from Microsoft SQL for window-based vCenter Server or PostgreSQL for VCSA.

          Check the following VMware KB, I think it can help you how to do it:

          VMware Knowledge Base

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            vmsysadmin201110141 Novice

            It turned out that even though I unregistered the old vCenter with "cmsso-util unregister" prior to reinstall, a lot of stale services from the decommissioned vCenter were still present in PSC. This KB - VMware Knowledge Base  - gives a hint, but it's not just vcenterserver service type that needs to be removed.


            Just in case someone else would hit this issue:


            1) you need to figure out the Node ID of your old stale vCenter, the KB referenced above gives you a clue how to do that.


            2) Find the Service IDs of all stale services matching the old Node ID (in my case the stale Node ID was 0f3616d1-65cc-4a66-aa34-8d1bd5e44586):


            /usr/lib/vmidentity/tools/scripts/lstool.py list --url http://localhost:7080/lookupservice/sdk > /tmp/psc_services.txt

            services=($(cat /tmp/psc_services.txt | grep -B 3 0f3616d1-65cc-4a66-aa34-8d1bd5e44586 | grep -i "Service id" | cut -d " " -f 3))


            3) Now that the Service IDs that you need to remove are in the $services bash variable, you can do the removal:


            for i in "${services[@]}"


               /usr/lib/vmidentity/tools/scripts/lstool.py unregister --url http://localhost:7080/lookupservice/sdk --id $i --user 'administrator@vsphere.local' --password 'your_password' --no-check-cert



            4) restart vCenter services and once you log back in, the stale licensed asset entry for the old vCenter should be gone.