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    Replication between VVOL Target datastore.

    balajisubramani Novice

      Dear All,


      Vsphere version - ESXi 6.5

      Replication  - VMRC 6.5


      I tried to configure replication between our DC and DR using VVOL as target datastore. i can able to configure replication, but it can ended with error state and throws message as below.


      Issue,Type,Trigger Time,Status

      "BASISTEST replication error: A replication error occurred at the vSphere Replication Server for replication 'BASISTEST'. Details: 'Error for (datastoreUUID: "vvol:1b96bde5906e47e1-8e0841552b224ebb"), (diskId: "RDID-d8c546e8-3b50-49b7-ada4-2bf758d32dc6"), (hostId: "host-35"), (pathname: "naa.60002AC0000000000000011A0000452C/BASISTEST.vmdk"), (flags: retriable): Class: NFC Code: 10; NFC error: NFC_DISKLIB_ERROR (One of the parameters supplied is invalid); Set error flag: retriable; Can't get block allocation information on remote disk'.",vSphere Replication,25-07-2017 10:43:57,Alert


      i tried to find related KB's and documents for the above error and for replicaiton configuration between VVOL datastore but unable to find anything. i will be very helpful for us if any documents share or issue resolution.


      Thanks & Regards