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    Desktop Pool Stuck on Customizing

    dgustavsson Lurker

      I have an automated floating desktop pool of linked clones setup.  The VMs all provision correctly.  Horizon 7.9.


      When I domain join the master image and spin off the desktops, none of the desktops can access the domain and the machine states all stay at "customizing".  It takes a long time, but I can eventually login with my domain credentials, but Horizon is stuck on the "customizing" state.


      If I do not domain join the master image, the desktops all generate and horizon eventually connects to them (temporarily), but none of the domain credentials work.  If I login as the local administrator, the network is effectively dead.  I cannot ping out or contact any other computer.


      The account loaded into Horizon to add/remove computers from the domain is the same account that joined the servers running the infrastructure (SQL server, Composer, Connection server).