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    Can't remove hdd

    ak47vs16 Lurker


      Previously, a hard disk was displayed as a permanent error,The host loses connection when remove the failed hard disk,Not in maintenance mode,I can only force a reboot of the ESXi host,When restarted,I can't see this faulty hard disk in the disk group under the command line interface ,But i can also see this error on the web client ,Now I don't know how to get rid of this hint.


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          Hello ak47vs16


          Welcome to Communities.


          I see you have '13 of 13' disks in use but '12 of 12' on the host below it - does the host with the device that went PDL have 12 disks + one PDL reference being counted or actually 13 devices?

          (e.g. the disk may have come back online but now how has 2 references with different UUIDs but only one with naa)


          If it is actually kaput then you likely won't be able to remove the PDL reference with anything other than 'No data evacuation' option - only do this if health check is green for

          Cluster > Monitor > vSAN > Health > Data (and you have no missing FTT=0 data if using such policies).


          If it doesn't complete with this option (as it indicates), you can try removing the reference via CLI:

          # esxcli vsan storage remove -u <UUID>

          NOTE: the above is a destructive command, if used improperly can cause data loss (as noAction is default) - ensure you refer to the correct device and that data is otherwise healthy.


          Either way, you should have a look in vmkernel and vobd.log for more information on cause of the device failure unless it is already apparent from other means (iLO/iDrac, disk LEDs, no power).



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            ak47vs16 Lurker

            Hello Bob


            This faulty hard disk has been removed from the hard disk bin,And reinsert a new hard disk into the Esxi host,Now there are actually 12 hard disks in the Esxi host ,Two disk groups (1ssd+5hdd  , 1ssd+5hdd)