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    VSAN Error on App Volumes capture machine

    rseekell Novice

      We are evaluating App Volumes for Horizon View 7.  We had a vSAN cluster but migrated everything off to a SAN cluster. 


      When choosing a certain capture VM on which to provision a new AppStack, we get this error in vCenter/vSphere (we have ESXi 6.5):


      A general system error occurred: PBM error occurred during PreProcessReconfigureSpec: pbm.fault.PBMFault;

      Error when trying to run pre-provision validation;

      No VASA Provider for schema namespace (VSAN) found.


      In App Volumes, it simply says:


      Request Error:

      Unable to mount provisioning volume "name of volume"


      So now we cannot capture a new AppStack on this Windows 7 VM.  But we have a similar Windows 10 VM that is still capturing. And users can still access their existing AppStacks.


      We had to relocate this capture machine, so maybe that’s why it’s complaining.