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    Export info to deployments page (XaaS)

    shaharsib Novice


      I have XaaS blueprint which resolves certain (default data) on the deployments page.

      Is there any way to export any data on this page while running?

      for example a link to newly created vcd vapp

      Anywhere in the given picture... even to dynamically edit the description will be fine.

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          daphnissov Guru
          vExpertCommunity Warriors

          You'll have to be more specific as based on what you've described I don't understand

          1. What this XaaS blueprint does
          2. What you're wanting to have happen outside of its logic.
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            xian Hot Shot

            You can display the output of your XaaS workflow with the "Submitted request details form" available on the XaaS form designer:


            XaaS form.jpg


            Once the XaaS request completed, you need to click on the deployment, then History, Request Inputs and Step. There you'll see the workflow output:


            XaaS request output.JPG

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              shaharsib Novice

              I will try to make my self clearer.

              I have a XaaS blueprint which does a few things.. and in the end i wish to publish a link that the job generated.

              Once XaaS wf is completed successfully/failure there is a msg generated on "deployments" page.

              for exmaple in this one "Jenkins Build #327 Is Unsuccessful "


              which I made by writing in js "throw "Jenkins Build #" + currentBuildNumber + " Is Unsuccessful";"

              How can I achieve the same behaivior with the link the WF generated? I want to publish it so it will be visible at deployments page.





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                xian Hot Shot

                As I wrote, you can display it on the Deployment, then History, Request Inputs and Step tab. You need to create an output of your workflow and map it to the Submitted request details form.


                If your deployment is unsuccessful, the exception will be shown on the list of deployments page. This is not the case for successful deployments, then you'll see the std. text "The request was successfully completed".


                You may try to update the deployment description based on Vsure's solution if you prefer: Solution Found for Updating Deployment Name/Description from vRO