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    vCetner 6.7 U2 VUM not detecting VM Hardware version 15

    DRAGONKZ Novice

      I'm having an issue with vCenter 6.7 U2 not listing and detecting that VM Hardware version 15 is an option.


      All of my hosts are running the latest build of 6.7 released a few days ago, and the issue is still present even in this build (also present in initial 6.7 U2 build)


      If I select my cluster, go to updates, and then select VM Hardware, it's incorrectly reporting my "Host compatibility" and "VM compatibility".


      All of my VMs have been upgraded to version 15, but are still listed as version 14.


      Regardless of how I configure my "Default VM Compatibility", all my VMs show the "Host compatibility" as version 14.


      Running a "check status" for a VM results in an error message and the task failing.


      The error message is: "Errors during the scan operation for virtual hardware upgrade"


      Is anyone else having this issue?