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    Use multiple External Displays VMWare Fusion 11

    bill_kheir Lurker



      I have 3 monitors in total, 1x being my Mac Book screen plus 2x External Monitors. I would like to have both my external monitors using VMWare Fusion to run Windows and would like to leave my MacBook still running my Mac OS.


      I have been reading many articles and forum discussions but have not been able to find a solution as using "All Displays in Full Screen" will make all my 3 Screens Windows OS screens and if running 'Single Screen in Full Screen' mode then I am unable to run Windows Fusion on more then 1 screen, as windows does not see the other displays.


      I have been a user of Fusion for years and this has always been an issue, I was wondering if VMWare has finally addressed this issue or is this still a functionality issue which is still only available in Parallel's?