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    After reboot a host is not responsive for 20 minutes in vCenter

    SanderHogewerf Novice

      Hi folks,


      Now a few weeks i have a problem with my vCenter and in particular after rebooting a host.

      What happens: After rebooting a host, and it comes back to vCenter it is responsive for about 4 minutes, than the host becomes unresponsive in vCenter.

      After about 20-25 minutes the host is resposive again. i can see this because the uptime stops at around 4 minutes and after 20-25 minutes the uptime of the host is adjusted to the right time.

      In the time between 4 and 25 minutes i can't do anything with the host out of vCenter.


      Does anyone experience the same behavior? Or is there a fix for this?


      Kind regards,