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    VMWare 11.1.1 Windows 10 + Docker for Windows (nested hypervisor) = Timed out waiting for the lifecycle-server to start.

    kelly64 Lurker

      Running Docker Desktop for Windows within a VMWare Fusion Windows 10 instance on macOS is, I understand, not supported.  But I understand some people, at least with some versions of VMWare, Windows 10, and Docker Desktop have made it work, and I have a specific debugging problem I'm working on where getting this working would be helpful.


      However, at least with the current versions all the pieces (i.e.: macOS 10.14.6, VMWare Fusion 11.1.1, Windows 10 build 1809, and Docker, Docker Desktop fails to start up / initialize.  It takes a long time, then throws up a failure message

      Timed out waiting for the lifecycle-server to start.

      This may be the result of a slow environment or there may be a real problem.

      This timeout can be increased by editing settings.json, value 'lifecycleTimeoutSeconds'.

      This file is usually in C:\Users\(your username)\AppData\Roaming\Docker



      at Docker.Core.Pipe.NamedPipeClient.<TrySendAsync>d__5.MoveNext()


      I can confirm that I have VMWare setting Processors and Memory=> Advanced options=> Enable hypervisor applications... (and Enable IOMMU...) enabled, and have tried both 2 and 4 processor cores allocated to the VM.  I've further tried increasing the value of lifecycleTimeoutSeconds to 600 seconds with no change in behaviour, other than it takes even longer to fail (time out)  Has anyone got Docker Desktop in a Windows 10 VM working?  If so, what versions/settings/incantations did you use to succeed?