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    Upgarde From 6.0 Build 2494585 to 6.7 build 14367737

    mistryasar12 Lurker

      We have two question.


      1) We are planing to upgrade Vcenter and EXSI from 6.0 to 6.7 so no currently we have Vcenter running with version 6.0.0 build 2656760


      and 4 EXSI host running version 6.0 Build 2494585, so can i upgrade directly from current version to latest version VCenter 6.7 build 14367737


      and EXSI host version 6.7 build 14320388, Please correct me if i am wrong.


      2)To upgrade the Vcenter i can go in place upgrade right means i ll use the same current vcenter server and i ll start the upgrade process. Please correct me.


      Your prompt reply will be highly appreciated as usual , Thanks