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    Problem with Millennium build 2348

    vlad557776 Lurker



      Recently I installed a beta build of Windows ME - build 2348, also known as Developer Release 2. I set the BIOS date, the install went normally, but, after install, I'm greeted with an hourglass icon next to my cursor. I can move the mouse, but that's basically all I can do.


      My VM config is:


      256 MB of RAM

      1 processor

      4 GB IDE hard disk

      IDE CD-ROM with 2348 CD image in

      Floppy drive with 98 SE bootdisk image in

      Auto-detect sound card

      Auto-detect display

      OS set on Windows Me


      I hope that this community is better than VirtualBox community and this community can help with betas.


      Any possible help will be appreciated.