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      • 15. Re: enlarged disk too much, now VM won't boot
        uyozTic Enthusiast

        hi Joerg,


        i set the memory reservation of this VM to 100% it didn't start. but that isn't due to your suggestion not helping. vmware complained about  the same of the vmdk file. the copy worked via Ulli's suggestions. vmkfstools named a file like "vm-name-flat.vmdk"  vs "vm-name.vmdk" and vmware didn't like that. took me a few times to see that error msg to realize what was going on.


        it is now booting after Ulli suggested moving the vmdk conf file to NAS dir and me renaming that file.


        i'm going to get a new 1TB SSD for on host and likely move this VM to it then or reinstall it. it is a SecurityOnion VM i installed last year and i have a lot of configs on it i had forgotten to write down. my error, i get it.  now that it has booted i got all the setup and config data copied so a reinstall would be rather painless.


        thank you very much for your time and help!!

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          IRIX201110141 Master

          Ok, but for the docs.

          vm.vmdk is the descriptor, a small ascii text file which is human readable and a vm-flat.vmdk which holds the data. They come as a pair and you always work whith the descriptor when working with vmkfstools. If you take a look into the descriptor you can see it referres to the -flat file.




          • 17. Re: enlarged disk too much, now VM won't boot
            uyozTic Enthusiast

            you both gave great help and couldn't have gotten this to work without both your help.. Ulli gave more detailed instructions to get the files copied and config.


            does "correct help" allow to splt ?

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              continuum Guru
              vExpertCommunity WarriorsUser Moderators

              > vmkfstools named a file like "vm-name-flat.vmdk"  vs "vm-name.vmdk" and vmware didn't like that.

              Have you never seen flat.vmdks before ?

              That will be a problem in future that you should fix as soon as possible.

              Download WinSCP and connect it to your ESXi.

              Go to any VM in one of your datastores and see how the files are listed in the WinSCP-GUI.

              Now go to the same directory in the Vsphere-webinterface.

              The list will look different and you really must understand that this display is oversimplified and dumbed down.

              Confusing ? - yes - but a decade ago the developers really thought that oversimplifying the file display would make things easier.

              So the lesson to learn for you is: when ever you want to inspect a VM closely and want predictable results step 1 is: do not use vSphere datastorebrowser and switch to WinSCP.

              Does that make sense ? - no - of course not.

              • 20. Re: enlarged disk too much, now VM won't boot
                uyozTic Enthusiast

                yes i have seen "flat" files before but can't say i spent much time understanding the diff between the files. just knew one was the actual virtual disk and one a text descriptor file containing a link to the "flat" file.


                prior to your suggestion of using vmkfstools to copy name.vmdk i had mostly ssh'd to host and used scp to copy the files to NAS usually just for backup.


                as to why there was name-flat.vmdk & name-flat-flat.vmdk in the folder i used vmkfstools per your instruction is more likely i renamed them so i wouldn't copy over something or mess something up. and i had forgotten i had done that. i tested using vmkfstools again to a test folder and it copied over the name.vmdk and name-flat.vmdk as expected.  so, my error in renaming them, went to bed and forgot. anyways, got it sorted out and VM loaded and running thanks to you & Joerge's help.


                i already have winscp installed, have used it before. but didn't use it this time. very nice util & appreciate the reminder.


                after you pointing out the difference between vSphere data store browser i checked it out. it's not something i use much at all but i now see the diff you bring to my attention. doesn't list the name-flat.vmdk. indeed, it is confusing.


                i did a little more searching on "flat" vmdk and found your post http://communities.vmware.com/thread/331783

                and this link,  http://searchvmware.techtarget.com/tip/Understanding-the-files-that-make-up-a-VMware-virtual-machine


                i've saved the links to readup on.


                appreciate the great help & education!!

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