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    vCentre Collection Time

    MacC9 Lurker

      We run a multi node cluster of vROps 7.0 in our environment and I have noticed lately that there are often data points missing in objects throughout the day.


      In troubleshooting, I have noticed that the average data collection time for the vCenter adapter is 4.2 Min and sometimes runs higher.  I think this would explain the missing collection points as the current data collection goes beyond 5 mins and then the next point is missing.


      I have looked both the vCenter Appliance and the vROps performance and do not see anything that would cause any collection slowness.  Average Disk MS is below 10 ms, proc is 30-40% Memory is not constrained.


      Node sizing is appropriate as well for the number of objects and metrics and the collection time is consistent at 4.x mins.


      Any thoughts from anyone?