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    [Resolved] - VMware ESXi v6.7.0 (VMKernel Release build 8169922)

    smrehan Novice

      Hello Experts,

      I have run into a funny situation. I had previously tested VMware ESXi v6.7.0 (VMKernel Release build 8169922) and it was working fine.

      I had registered for it.

      Now after a couple of months I was informed by my colleague that it wasn't working anymore.

      I tested it and found out that it boots fine from the USB (I used rufus to create bootable usb) but the installer doesn't start instead it just loads the following screen.

      To me it seems that the its running from the usb or loading into RAM just like linux OS which can be run directly without installing.

      Does anyone have any idea why this is happening? Has anyone encountered this problem?

      Oh by the way the hardware I am using is a whitebox solution I bought from Pondesk.


      - Intel Atom E3845 quadcore processor

      - RAM 8 GB DDR3

      - 2.5" 500 GB HDD

      - 4 Gigabit Intel i211at ethernet ports



      Syed Maaz Rehan