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    firewall/sections/<section_id>/rules shows some object with the prefix of "default."

    Cloudistan Lurker


      when running the Get firewall/sections/<section_id>/rules API, some of source/destination/appliedTo objects are prefixed with "default." :

      the name of the security group is Nsx_AAA but i see it as "default.Nsx_AAA"

      "sources": [


                 "target_id": "51b9313d-c5c7-4b72-9ea7-efc591b72af8",

                 "target_display_name": "default.Nsg_AAA",

                "target_type": "NSGroup",

                "is_valid": true



      So two questions:

      1) what does the default prefix represent?

      2) is there a way to request the data without that prefix? i need to correlate between objects in the rule to existing SG's and when retrieving the SG's i dont have that prefix, meening i have to drop the default prefix from objects in rules, is there a flag i can use to avoid it?