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    can't suspend anymore

    peter_w2019 Novice

      Dear All,


      I am having a really difficult time with Vmware right now. Put aside the MacOS 10.14.6 problem where my Vmware is getting usable every couple of minutes, now I am facing another problem.


      everytime I suspend the state it's going too fast. then when I try to start it again, I get an error message as attached. and there is no such file in the directory. why is this happening now?


      it's getting worse everyday. please help.


      thanks in advance


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          wila Guru
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          That most likely is a side effect of the change to your config file that Dave suggested:


          Add these 2 lines to ~/Library/Preferences/VMware Fusion/config


          mainmem.backing = "swap"

          mainmem.useNamedFile = "FALSE"






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            peter_w2019 Novice

            indeed these two settings in my vmx config did cause this. but I really don't understand why this problem did not show immediately. after I changed this first it did seem to work, since I could suspend and continue. but now I can reproduce the issue by putting the options in and fix it by removing them again.


            really bizarre.


            anyway, without then it works again.