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    What is the difference between vRealize Automation and Terraform?

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      This organization already has vRA 7.3, soon to be 7.5, and has been using it for over a year. I was in a conversation recently about the future direction of third-party cloud options and to a lesser degree automation. Someone commented that the org could simply replace vRA with Terraform. From my very limited knowledge of Terraform it kinda sorta sound like it might be able to do the same thing. That being said I have seen that there are ways to make vRA and Terraform play nice, these being two examples: (1) https://esxsi.com/2018/08/10/vra-terraform/ , and (2) GitHub - vmware/terraform-provider-vra7: Terraform provider for vRealize Automation 7 .


      So my question is (without getting religious): what is the same and what is different between vRA and Terraform?

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          What you're asking would require a huge response, but I'll just say there are enormous differences between vRA and Terraform. The biggest one that matters to enterprises is the control, security, auditability, and governance controls that vRA brings. Not to mention the frameworks that vRA has set up that you have to very carefully piece together in Terraform. They both have their uses and so it's really an apples vs oranges type of discussion.

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            BrettMcAllstar Lurker



            I work for a large financial institution.

            We we are also in a situation where our dev ops teams are saying that they we should get rid of VRA and replace it with Terraform because it can do everything that VRA does. They are also selling this to our Exco team and I’m battling to find reasons or answers on where the one would’ve be better to run vs the other or how they would compliment each other. Could you not maybe assist me with some more concrete or solid information that I can use to justify why we should use both or even stick with VRA. Even if you mail me directly.


            Thanks Brett