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    vSphere Host remdiation using vRO

    imtrinity94 Novice

      Hi there,

      I am looking out for a way in vRO where I can remdiate vSphere Host (VC:HostSystem) as any host I provision via vRO goes into Non-Complaint state.

      I am thinking of using this class VcApplyHostProfileConfigurationSpec, but couldn't really figure out "HOW"



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          imtrinity94 Novice

          vSphere: 6.5

          vRO 7.5

          Host underlying technology: Blades from UCSM

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            APJ7033 Novice

            Are you trying to apply a Host profile or remediate host patches (VUM) ?


            For Host patches you need to install the VUM plugin.


            A small tip is to download the latest VMware HTML 5 Fling -> vSphere HTML5 Web Client


            Run through the setup, once done use the code capture feature, If I remember correctly the latest one will allow you to generate VRO code. Once you have the code capture enabled, run through your process. The code it produces will give you a good idea of what you need to do for your VRO code. If VRO is not an option the powershell code is very simaliar and you can easily deduce the VRO code fom it.


            Sometimes it does not generate code like VUM updates, but most of the time it works. I have used this technique for most of my host build automation.