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    iSCSI switches / port groups in esx 6.5

    cooper101 Lurker

      Hi. Coming from esx 5.0 onto 6.5 and learning the changes.


      My previous setup had a single vswitch with IP assigned to talk to the SAN controllers. That switch had two cards assigned for redundancy. On 6.5 im finding im having to make two vswitches be for each card because when I add the port group to software iscsi it tells me that it cannot save the changes because my port group had more than one card.


      So ive created two switches 'iSCSI1' and 'iSCSI2' each with one card and both port groups added to software iSCSI. All works fine. However it doesnt really make sense. Especially when im now being prompted to tell me that I have no redundancy on either switch.


      Whats the way round this? what have I done wrong?