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        DaveP Master

        It's a bug Apple introduced in 10.14.6 that Apple are working on, plus Apple changed it's memory management in a minor update that has affected the way memory is managed in macOS. Apple has acknowledged the bug and VMware released 11.1.1 as a fix. However the memory management change in macOS means much more work for VMware to address what has happened, and I suspect other software vendors.


        Apple has done this before changing something between the last beta version and the gold master which is released. That's possibly why VMware may have been caught out.


        I am using 10.14.1 on a MacBook Pro 15" 2018 model, MacBookPro15,1.


        Can you check to see if there are .vmem files being created in the VM folder please? If so the config changes have not been applied properly.

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          peter_w2019 Novice

          Thanks for your reply. I am getting so frustrated by this! it's really hard to explain why I freak out every couple of minutes.


          I can confirm that there are no .vmem files in the folder created. there is one .nvram which is only 271 kb size.

          I presume the changes are correctly applied then.


          if I knew what problems this last update cause, I'd have never installed it. 


          there are no word to describe the frustration. this simply has to work! I have used Vmware Fusion until 3 years ago for many years and was so happy with it, but this is not good.

          I really hope they come up with a fix for this rather soon.

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            DaveP Master

            I understand. I have been using VMware products for 20 years since version 1 on Linux, and have never really seen this level of problem before. I have been involved in software developemnt for over 30 years and I am sure VMware devs are just as frustrated, but sometimes fixes or workarounds take time. I worked on financial big data systems using in-memory databases and sometimes finding root causes of customer issues is incredibly hard.

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              peter_w2019 Novice

              does anyone know around here when this problem will be fixed??? sooner or later I will loose my job, simply because I can't finish my work on time.

              I am really desperate to work on a version that is stable and reliable.


              Thanks for any info.


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                wila Guru
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                Can't tell you when a real fix is out, you'd need somebody from VMware for that.

                Perhaps Mikero is able to get your more information here or in private.


                However hopefully I can give you a few alternative ideas to make it more workable.

                One of the things I tend to do myself is to scale out. I'm a software developer and part of my work is consulting for other software companies.

                As a result I run a lot of different software. One of the more demanding types of software is database servers.

                I do tend to keep those encapsulated in their own VMs, that way I can spread the load.

                That -most likely- would also work here if you are able to split the load up over multiple VMs.


                Another alternative would be to go back to an earlier version of macOS.

                I'm lucky as I noticed that there was problem in macOS 10.14.6 before I had hit the upgrade button and can confirm that there is no performance issue in 10.14.5.

                The problem is though that you have to basically wipe your host in order to go back.

                If you want to follow through that then please make full copies of your VMs (with the VM shut down) to an external disk before running a reinstall.

                You are welcome to use my backup software (see my post signature) for that, but in this case a full copy is just fine.

                Please do not trust Time Machine with backing up your VMs, it is fine for the rest, but don't use it for VM backups (details here, if you want to know why)


                There's a risk that the reinstall comes back in 10.14.6 already, but up to a week or so ago some people confirmed they came back into 10.14.5 and then postponed the update.

                Note also that macOS 10.12 and macOS 10.13 do not have this issue. If you have enough space, then you might be able to install that in a separate partition or even an external disk.



                For the moment that is all I can come up with.



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