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    VMware Workstation 15.1 running on OpenSUSE Leap 15

    goldeneye*007 Enthusiast

      Why am I having so many problems getting and installing VMware Tools lately?

      I tell it to install vmware tools I get a dialog saying it needs root permissions, I

      put in the password. A dialog comes up saying it is Downloading and then it errors

      out with:


      There was a problem updating a software component. Try again later and if the

      problem persists contact VMware support or your system administrator. As I am

      the system administrator, I am posting here for any tips before launching into paid

      support. This is the second machine I have had this happen on in the last few weeks.

      I have had to download and manually install the package which isn't ideal.


      There is no local firewall running to block it. Our main firewall could block it but I am

      not seeing any service denials there. Is this a current 'known issue' or is it just me?