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    ESXI 6.7  free licence linked clones is this possible

    Zirkster Lurker

      Hi all wonder if you can advise me.


      Historically in our company we have been running Hyper-v server in our test environment.

      Basically for ease functionality and cost (free).


      Hyper -v has served us well though i have come across issues over the years,  so we have obtained a new server for virtualisation of our small test enviroment.


      i saw that for this scenario i could use ESXi hypervisor and connect up and manage it via its web port using the free licencing option.


      now i have been happy with the tools available for converting existing vhdx images and servers to work on esxi and i love the web portal and the function i can get free.


      But where i have hit a brick wall is Parent disk and differencing disks (as they are called in hyper-v)  i believe the term is linked clones.


      Now i believe they are possible but it seems cloning features are fully removed from the web based gui in 6.7 and i have looked at some utilities which have been made in the community but it seems in 6.7 these utilities for making linked clones have stop working due to licencing.


      For the work we do linked clones / dfifferencing disk are required for speed of system creation  but also for disk space utilization.


      Can some advise if i can get link or instant clones working in esxi free version even if it via the cmd line as i need to make a decision if im staying with esxi (which apart from this feature which seems disabled is superior  to hyper v in every way)  or if i have to stay using hyper-v


      Thanks in advance