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    Can osx 10.10 install to Fusion 11?

    MacKin07 Lurker

      I installed 10.10.5 and vmware tools with Fusion 11 in iMac

      But vmware tools seem not function.

      no vmshare folder , cannot change resolution , cannot use full screen, etc...

      any solution?

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          TECH198 Enthusiast

          On mine, vmware tools does appear on desktop, but no shared folders...


          I took this as VMWare Tools incompatibility. because when i can't drag and drop to desktop, an "reinstall" of VMWare Tools solves this (but only till the next time it happens).


          To me, there is clear issues with the latest VMWare tools and older OS's, While there are issues at times, particularly really bad window issues like the tool bar vanishing of windows, its still "usuable' in one sense of the word..  Even if you must reinstall VMWare Tool a a few times, while inconvenient, it does prevail... But should not be place in the same bracket as 'functional''


          It's far from it.


          Going full screen with Yosemite results in black bars either side, so i don't think it was never designed to work on Retina displays.