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    vCenter "forgets" BMC settings

    cybershoe Lurker

      I'm running into an issue enabling DPM on my cluster. I'm able to configure the BMC addresses and credentials, and when I test entering and existing standby mode everything works, and I'm able to enable DPM. When I go into Host Options, I see that all of the hosts have a successful "Last Time Exited Standby" time.


      However, after some time (a few hours), I start to see "Cannot perform power operation on host" and "The host's BMC does not support IPMI" errors on DPM events. If I try to manually enter and then exit standby mode, it similarly fails, and when I go into Host Options, the "Last Time Exited Standby" for all hosts has reverted to "Never". If I go to the host power options and re-enter the BMC credentials, everything starts working again for a few hours, until it "forgets" again.


      This is for a home lab, and I'd like to keep my power bill down, so obviously getting DPM working would be ideal.


      Details about the lab:


      Servers are a mix of Dell R710 and R720, with iDRAC6 and 7 BMCs respectively.

      Hypervisors are ESXi 6.7u2 (13981272)

      vCenter is (14070457)

      The servers are running without internal storage, booting off of a USB stick with the scratch location configured on an NFS4 datastore.


      Any advice would be appreciated.