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    When swiping between workspaces, Fusion windows pop to foreground

    HexKitchen Lurker

      Suppose I have two workspaces (a.k.a. "spaces" or "Desktops") set up on a monitor. In workspace 1, I have several Fusion windows, and also some other unrelated windows, let's say a browser.


      • To begin with, I'm working in the browser.
      • Then I use Ctrl-Right to swipe to workspace 2 and put the focus on a Fusion window there.
      • Finally I use Ctrl-Left to swipe back to workspace 1 to return to my browser. Unfortunately, just a moment after swiping back to workspace 1, all Fusion windows in workspace 1 pop to the foreground, obscuring the browser window I'm trying to work in.


      This happens often, though I I'm not certain it's 100% repeatable. It seems to me that it's something that's started fairly recently, or has gotten a lot worse, and it's turned into a significant annoyance.


      System info:


      MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2016)

        Model Name: MacBook Pro

        Model Identifier: MacBookPro13,3

        Processor Name: Intel Core i7

        Processor Speed: 2.9 GHz

        Number of Processors: 1

        Total Number of Cores: 4

        L2 Cache (per Core): 256 KB

        L3 Cache: 8 MB

        Hyper-Threading Technology: Enabled

        Memory: 16 GB


      macOS Mojave 10.14.6 (18G87)


      VMware Fusion Professional Version 11.1.1 (14328561)


      Any help appreciated.