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    Window without borders in half monitor

    robbyit Novice



      i have a little problem and i didn't figure out.


      With a very large monitor, how can i have on right, my VMware workstation, and on left my local host ?


      My resolution is 3840x1080, but is only i 1 monitor, so i wish to have my virtual machine on right in full screen ( without window because isn't clear in text and other stuff, or a window without borders, and always on top, or can i take down with a click in status bar\application bar, where is start to be clear ).


      Bottom line, with 1 monitor:


      - a full screen of virtual machine on right ( if is possible like a window always on top that cover my clock and icons in bottom right, so back there is my local host, local machine )

      - and local machine on left. ( but not stretch, so the resolution of local host is 3840x1080, but virtual machine is 1920x1080 on right )


      Thanks in advance, i hope to figure out with you