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    vCenter and PSC on VDS ephemeral port has issues

    Jeffery Hawks Enthusiast

      Hi. We use VDS only, and in our management cluster which has the PSCs and vCenters we put them on Ephemeral ports. But this always seems to happen lately.


      If we shut down down the PSC (or vCenter too I am sure when I try it) that is the SSO for the vCenter which manages that management cluster, of course I have to power it up via the ESXi host. Because of course vCenter for that cluster is down.


      However whenever I power it on, there will be no networkinging until I disconnect/reconnect the network in the PSC VM edit settings. I have no idea why. This is an ephemeral port so it is available etc when vCenter is down. But why do I have to disconnect/reconnect the port on power cycle just to get networking to work?


      It makes me want to redesign and use standard switches. And we wanted to use standard switches, but our NSX deployment the installers insisted we had to use the VMware validated design which calls for all VDS and ephemeral. We wanted to use standard switch for our vCenters and PSC and hypervisors.


      So I am confused why this is happening. Thanks,,,