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    Thinprint with IGEL OS 11

    pdudas76 Novice

      Good afternoon folks,


      We have been rolling out IGEL Thinclients using the IGEL 11 Linux OS. We have not yet been able to get the remote end of Horizon to see the printer.


      • repurposed pc with IGEL 11 Linux OS
      • setup with VMware in appliance mode


      Has anyone successfully setup/used Thinprint in a similar scenario? Have tried to add a printer using the CUPS area, and I can see it in the Thinprint/Printers area of the config for the machine, but browsing to the /dev/usb/ does not show any devices in there after adding it  I am pretty sure we are missing something.


      These are remote folks and won't have access to a shared printer in the office, and we would rather not use any of those little print servers to connect the printer to the network if we do not have to.


      Any thoughts appreciated.