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    KS.cfg issues with GPT

    Jholcombe Novice



           I'm trying to install using a USB drive and I've found something I can't get around. I've verified that my ks.cfg file works.


      Rufus install 6.7u1

      Copy ks.cfg to root

      change kernelopt=runweasel  to kernelopt=ks=usb:/ks.cfg within efi\boot\boot.cfg

      Doing this using the MBR setting within Rufus it works fine. I can boot and the kickstart runs without issue even within a UEFI boot

      When I use the GPT option within rufus I get the following Error:

      exception.HandledError: Error (See Log for more info)

      cannot find kickstart file on usb with path -- /ks.cfg



      I'm trying to figure out if anyone knows what i'm missing or what my issue is.


      image of errorboot.cfg in question