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    vRealize Operations Manager 7.5 Workload and Memory Usage metric

    Krishh7 Lurker

      Hi guys,


      Currently we have vRealize Operations Manager 7.5 implemented, and since the upgrade from 6.5 we are facing a lot of issues with our workload and memory usage. Even the VMware support, isn't able to give us a clarify answer on our problems.


      They mentioned before that this is a known issue, and will be solved in update 3, but we are facing still the same issue.

      In version 6.5 we were able to monitor our VMs but after the upgrade, we seen a lot of issues.


      As example:


      If I'm going to check the workload of a virtual machine, the workload is always red.

      Capacity: 96GB

      Usage: 95.99


      Workload from the metric:


      Lowest: 99.93




      Lowest: 99.29



      Memory Utilization:



      Memory usage is 11.92.

      If i take a look on the VM it says that it is 56% using of the memory.



      Are there any ideas where it exactly is going wrong? Are there any metrics which can be compared with Windows OS?

      And why there is a gap between the vrealize memory usage and windows usage?  and as the memory usage of vrealize is 11.92 why the workload is always 99?