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    Windows 10 Pro freezing up used as guest OS in VMWare Fusion on a MacBook Pro

    daniele75vv Lurker


      I don't know specific time when this problem first occurred, but now guest OS is pretty unusable.

      I have a mac book pro 2017 with 16GB RAM, running version 10.14.6 (Mojave), and vmware fusion pro 11.1.0.

      I'm running since a long time a Windows 10 guest OS (upgraded to 10 from 7), with no problem since some months ago.

      I noticed some problems, especially opening browsers (IE, Edge, Firefox, Chrome), that freeze for a while the OS; at the beginning, freezing was for a while, then, since about 10 days, freezing cause difficulties using the Windows OS.

      So, thinking about some problems in Windows, I bought a new Windows 10 Pro licence, downloaded from MS the installer Win10_1903_V1_English_x64.iso, installed it using the Fusion Wizard, added RAM (the default was 2GB and now is 4GB), and..... the problem is here again!

      New Windows 10 with no other programs installed and, opening Edge, OS freezes for a while (sometime for minutes).

      Read through forums, found someone who says to try via RDP, but the problem is still here in RDP too (a little more pronounced, but it could be just my imagination).

      Any suggestion will be really appreciated.