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    Approval Policy for LeaseTime change

    zmCZ Lurker

      Hi guys ,

      I'm working with vRA 7.6 Advanced and I've got an issue setting up an approval policy for changing lease time.

      Our blueprints have lease time range set to 1 - 365 days and if a user is requesting blueprint with a lease longer than 30 days it requires approval.

      This part works perfectly.

      But of course I need to cover also the "Change Lease" action, so if user requests again lease longer than 30 days it must require approval and this is where I fail to make it work.

      I've created an approval policy of type: Service Catalog - Resource Action Request - Change Lease - Deployment

      and assigned it to change lease action in proper entitlement.

      But every time I make change lease request that should match the requirements for the approval, it's just approved without asking.

      I've tried both pre and post-approval options, but it made no difference.


      I can see that the approval is not ignored, the request for pre-approval is actually fired, but immediately approved.

      Any ideas what am I doing wrong, or is it even possible to do what I'm trying to achieve?