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    vCenter Appliance 6.7 Update 2c ( (Build 14070654) - Health Checks - Online Health Connectivity - Internet Disabled when it is NOT!

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      I am getting Internet Disabled but my vCenter Server has direct internet access which is working OK for Update Manager downloads/etc.



      Does anyone know the IP address or URL this test checks to determine if the vCenter Server is online or not?


      Again, my internet access is direct, so not a proxy issue.


      This is NOT a vSAN environment - vSAN is disabled.


      The site firewall does NOT generally allow outbound ICMP, so it the test is expecting a PING response then I need to know.


      If I ssh to the vCenter Server and test outbound https, using wget https://vmware.com/index.html I get a valid response and the page is downloaded OK.


      Also, if anyone knows the logfile name & location that these health check test results are save to, could they advise that too?


      Many Thanks