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    NSX-T 2.4 - Edge VM Nodes configuration issues

    Lalegre Expert

      I am breaking my head of figuring out on how to configure my Edge VM Nodes.


      Currently i have a cluster made of three (3) ESXi with two pnics. As this is a POC i want to use only one pnic for Overlay and Edge Uplink connecivity.


      I already configured the next:

      • Two transport zones (VLAN and Overlay)
      • One uplink profile with an MTU of 1600 with a Transport VLAN configured for Overlay.
      • The ESXi hosts are only part of the Overlay Transport Zone and my Edge VM Nodes are on both Transport Zones.
      • I have created two Edge VM Nodes, using the default "edge-one-nic-profile" and with two N-VDS. One is part of the Overlay Transport Zone, connected to a VSS Portgroup with a VLAN Tagged and also is receiving IPs using the same IP Pool of the ESXi hosts and the other N-VDS is part of the VLAN Transport Zone and is connected to a VSS Portgroups with a VLAN Tagged.


      I am pretty sure i am doing a bad configuration between the VSS Portgroups and the N-VDS.


      I only want to use one pnic for all the settings.


      I have many questions:

      • Is it possible to only use one Uplink N-VDS
      • Is it possible to connect the N-VDS to a VSS Portgroup?
      • Is it possible to connect the Edge VM Nodes and ESXi Nodes to a single pnic and have the logical switches provisiones on another pnic?
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          mauricioamorim Expert
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          Is this a nested environment or do you have one pNIC for the VSS and the other for the NVDS?


          If you send us some screenshots it is easier to understand and tell you where you might have it wrong.


          You can accomplish anything with a single pNIC.

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            Lalegre Expert

            This is a short summary of my configuration (not nested environment):



            As you can see i am using one pnic only in an Overlay Transport Zone and for that, i created an Uplink Profile where the Transport VLAN is 14 and the MTU 1600. On the other side i connected my Edge VM to both Transport Zones and created two N-VDS, one for Overlay on the same VLAN 14 and one for North-South Connectivity tagged with vlan 1010. As the VLAN is tagged on my VSS Portgroups i used the default uplink "one nic" profile.


            After configured the Edge VM and the Transport Nodes, the connectivity is up. I can ping VMs between Overlay Logical Switches.


            Of course before that i configured the Logical Switches, i created both a Tier-0 and a Tier-1. Here is some information:

            • Tier-0:
              • Using eBGP correctly configured.
              • Y created two Uplinks and configured ECMP. (I have two Edges VM not only one, equally configured as the picture above)
              • Configured Route Advertisement for T1 Connected Subnets.
            • Tier-1:
              • Connected to Tier-0.
              • Four (4) Logical Switches connected to Tier-1. (I only showed two in the diagram above but they are equally configured)
              • Route Advertisement of the Four (4) networks.


            If i ping a VM on the Network-1 i accomplish the action neither on the Network-2.


            Could the issue be related to a physical eBGP bad configuration or an NSX-T misconfiguration?

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              mauricioamorim Expert
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              I didn't understand what your problem actually is. Seems to be routing with the physical network. What is not good in your diagram is that you are using the same N-VDS for overlay and VLAN on the Edge VM. You should create a new VLAN Transport Zone with a new N-VDS for the Edge. Then your T0 should be connected to a LogicalSwitch on this TZ with tag 0 (as tag 1010 is given by VSS).



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