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    I love vmware

    MelVMWare178 Lurker

      This isn't a question, It's more of a positive feedback and a bit of a personal history lesson.


      When I was around 8-9-10 years old, I used to create Virtual Machines with Virtualbox.


      In July 2017, I was using my mom's laptop (Windows 10 Home) and I realized that every time I moved my cursor on the VM, It lagged and I didn't know why.


      I tried asking on the forums with no avail.


      At the time, I was watching a YouTuber called Michael MJD (Still do actually) and I realized that he used VMWare.


      I thought "Why not give it a try? Maybe it will help".


      So I installed VMWare Workstation 12 (This was before 14 was released) and... Nothing! No lag! Awesome!


      Since then, I started using VMWare on every computer I would use.


      Infact, I'm gonna buy a new laptop with Windows 10 Pro for my birthday next February and I'll install VMWare Workstation 14 for the first time (I guess).


      Thanks, VMWare.


      So, What are your opinions on this story? I never went back to Virtualbox.