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    ESXi 5.5 hosts appear "disconnected" after adding to VCSA 6.5

    DDub10 Lurker

      My 2 ESXi 5.5 hosts (1 production, 1 backup)   managed by VCSA5.5 were added to VCSA 6.5 on a brand new 6.5 host. The hosts added successfully through the Add Host wizard and it instructed to remove the license from the existing vCenter system afterward. I was uncertain how to do this but I simply powered off the old VCSA 5.5. The status of the 5.5 hosts and the VMs are showing "disconnected" since adding them. The VMs on the host are on Direct Attached Storage and I don't use distributed switches for networking. Now I have very limited management of the 5.5 hosts and VM from the VCSA 6.5  (yes I'll upgrade to 6.7 soon!) .  All VMs. which are my production servers are still functioning fine but a need some resolution asap to the VCSA issue.

      AND now when I power up the old VCSA5.5 is not booting up. It asks for the "root password for maintenance" something I've never seen before, and its not booting up.

      Please advise if you can help!!!


      Thanks much VM Fam