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    NvDimm not showing up in esxi 6.7

    Henric Lurker

      Hi i´m having trouble getting my newly installed nvdimms to show up in vmware esxi.
      Some background, I have 5 servers hpe dl360g9 with 64gig of nvdimm installed at each hardware, the nvdimms shows up in bios.
      Bios version in use 2.34 the last version for gen 9 supporting nvdimm and are "sanitized"/erased and shows up at boot in "bios" but not in esxi
      I´ve spoken with hpe support and since the memory modules show up in bios all is working from a hardware perspektive.


      Vmware image in use are "VMware-ESXi-6.7.0-Update2-13006603-HPE-Gen9plus-670.U2."


      I´ve tested these exact servers with "fake nvdimm" but i have disabled fake nvdimms and restarted prior to installing the real nv-dimms

      One thing that i´ve noticed is that i cant find any command in vmware to configure the nv-dimms like a command as "ipmctl" (so this may be the thing)


      What am i missing here? how can i get my nv dimms to work?