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    NSX loadbalancer best practices for Microsoft Exchange

    Prasad Lurker

      Hello All,


      We have recently migrated our legacy workloads to VMware SDDC, and planning to change our Microsoft Exchange(MS Exchange 2016) Load balancer from hardware appliance to VMware NSX Load balancer.


      Current hardware load balancer is a simple IP based one leveraged from the Fortinet Hardware Firewall.

      VMware SDDC infra : VCF 3.5.1


      Exchange VMs are connected to DVS port group and not using any Vxlan functionalities, So We cannot make use of inline(transparent)LB feature due to the fact that the default Gateway for the VMs are not on the ESG.

      Appreciate if anyone can provide the best practices to use One arm LB method or any thoughts on implempenting it in a production environment.


      Thank you,