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    Correlating Objects - Cluster/REST Host

    Jamison618 Lurker

      I'm fairly new to vRO so forgive me if this is a dumb dumb question.


      I need to correlate REST hosts in vRO to clusters.  The workflow will run from a cluster object in vCenter.  The input will be a cluster and I have REST Hosts in vRO that should correlate to the selected cluster input.  For instance, if the input is clusterA, then the REST host for the workflow is restHostA.  I'd rather not ask the user to input the REST host to avoid human error.  In my case the REST hosts are Nutanix PRISM Elements, but I could use this for UCS or other things. 


      Is there some way I could upload a CSV that ties objects together or that vRO can reference to populate the REST host variable in my workflow based on the cluster selected?


      I searched the forum and can't find anything like this (probably searching the wrong terms).  Any help would be greatly appreciated.