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    NSX Controller Nodes going not connected 6.3

    vmmedmed Novice

      A co-worker at a microsegmentation gig pointed out that Controller Nodes frequently go to disconnected.

      In Networking and Security I'm referring to Installation and Upgrade/Management/Controller Nodes.

      I only have limited access and no ability to open a ticket on the environment. I wonder if anyone

      on the forum had seen this before. They have many controller clusters - 10 or more whereas in

      my previous environment we only had one and I've never seen this issue. The problem it

      causes is when we want to publish distributed firewall rules - the rules will fail to push to the

      clusters that are temporarily in disconnected state. The condition is always very transient

      and comes back in a few moments. But it can cause a problem with publishing of the rules.


      Has anyone ever seen this before? Is it a known bug? Other thought?