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    Lubuntu guest hangs at startup (grey screen) after expanding boot disk

    itmv2 Novice

      I needed to expand my Lubuntu boot disk as there was 0% free and it was not allowing logins. To do this I did the following:

      - increased the disk allocation in vSphere

      - rebooted the VM to a GParted ISO

      - extended the linux-swap partition to use the new unallocated space

      - moved the linux-swap partition to the right

      - decreased the linux-swap partition size back to its original 2GB

      - extended the primary partition size to use the unallocated space

      - rebooted the VM.

      The partition operations appeared to go OK, but how when I try to boot the VM I get past the splash screen and then the OS hangs - just displaying a dark grey screen.

      The partitions now look as follows:

      /dev/sda1 - 58GB

      /dev.sda2 extended 2GB

         /dev/sda5 linux-swap 2GB

        unallocated 1MB

      Any idea how I can get the VM to boot again? I'm running ESXi 6.5 and Lubuntu 17.10

      2019-07-27 gparted 163851.jpg