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    NSX design question : NSX on top[of Two Node vSan Cluster

    singhraj Novice

      Home Lab : i have two physical hosts for vsan cluster with one witness node.

      1. can i build nsx (( management & Edge) and Compute ) two  clusters on top of one vsan cluster

         or ( Managmend , Edge , Compute ) three cluster on top of  one vsan cluster with two physical hosts and management on witness node (NUC)


      2. or build two nested vsan clusters on two physical hosts with one witness node  and install nsx Edge and Compute clusters on top of both vsan clusters and install NSX management on NUC.


      each physical server have 3x500 gb ssd and 3x 4tb hhsd and 500gb ssd  for vmfs storage on each hosts and 80 gig memory on both hosts


      please advise .