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    Onedrive Windows 10 1803, Random user content will be deleted

    kevinpower Enthusiast

      Hi all,


      Working on a Windows 10 1803 project and one of the requirement was to make Onedrive available in a non-persistent VDI environment

      With the new client installed on the local machine instead of installing it under "appdata/local"  and doing some additional configuration it works........


      After testing some days, we have noticed that after a user uploads content to Onedrive from the local physical machine and logged in directly with a new session in VDI, all the old content will be deleted in the cloud and only the recent uploaded files shows up for on-demand!!! within the virtual desktop


      we have managed the following configuration with Ivanti/Appsense


      # to avoid warnings that the onedrive folder has been removed or replaced. the following folders and registry settings to provide SSO will be saved.




      -      {CSIDL_LOCAL_APPDATA}\Microsoft\OneDrive\settings\

      -      C:\Users\%username%\OneDrive - vmware\.*


      -     C:\Users\%username%\OneDrive - vmware\




      -     HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\OneDrive\


      If we don't include the file "C:\Users\%username%\OneDrive - vmware\.*" Onedrive will ask the user at every login that the folder has been replaced, so you can choose to retry or setup onedrive again.




      Does anyone have a clue what happened? Is there somebody who experienced the same with UEM or while using Writable volumes?